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The Last Desperado



 In the last days of the Old West, outlaw gangs ran wild in the Twin Territories encompassing Kansas and Oklahoma, robbing trains, banks and stagecoaches. Out of the ashes of the Dalton Gang's downfall in 1892 rose the infamous Wild Bunch, led by easygoing cowboy-turned-outlaw Bill Doolin. The Last Desperado chronicles Doolin's compelling journey from the cattle ranches to the outlaw trail as his fame grows to legendary porportions--and as he struggles to reconcile his life of crime with his desire for a peaceful home life with his wife and son. Meticulously researched and based upon historical fact, The Last Desperado brings to life a cunning, intelligent and fascinating man, at heart a simple cowboy, who managed to make an idellible mark on the face of history and become the stuff of legend.

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August, 2015: The Last Desperado has won a 2014 Laramie Award for Western Fiction, taking 1st place in the Historical category!

Rockwell skillfully steers the story from carefree beginnings, through the ever increasing feeling of doom, to the inevitable end. Along the way, she brings to life many colorful and contrasting characters, from both sides of the law, who shared those long gone days with Doolin. This book is hard to put down once started, and it is impossible not to be moved by it.

    -Kith Presland, Dalton Historian, review of The Last Desperado




Ms. Rockwell has written a book that will be enjoyed by all readers. Her writing style takes you back into time and brings history to life.

     -From a review of In the Shadow of Death Alley: A Novel of Emmett Dalton

Rockwell has given her characters a human richness as she weaves the thread of love throughout a story of intrigue, thrills, mysteries, murder and undying love. She writes with an original point of view that incorporates the ability of a woman to see the man for the outlaw he is and yet she makes the choice to stand by him or his memory until her dying days.

     -From a review of The Outlaw's Wife

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